These animals are herbivores which  are plant eaters. In the food web or food chain they are secondary consumers. These animals are very important to the Amazon Rain Forest. They  keep the trees under control so others can grow. The butterflies do the same thing. They eat the leaves from the trees. If they were removed, the rain forest would be ruined by all the animals  dying out.



Description: The moose is the largest deer. Their weight is 1700 pounds and are about 7.5 feet. Males also known as bulls have huge antlers that are about 4-5 feet big! The female doesn't have antlers. The female has 1 offspring.  
Habitat: The moose lives in or near swaps, streams, ponds, with lots of trees and plants.
Diet: They eat water lilies, twigs, bark, and leaves.
Predators: Some of the animals that are its predators are the bear and the wolf.


Viceroy Butterfly
Description: The viceroy butterfly has dark orange wings with black vein and white spots. The body si white and olive-brown.
Habitat: The butterfly lives in meadows, marshes, swap, and Willow and Aspen tree.
Diet: They eat the leaves off of the trees.
Predators: They should try to stay away form birds.

Zebra Longtail


Zebra Long tail Butterfly 
Description: It has long narrow wings with black as it main color with white  strips. It also has long black antennae.
Habitat: The butterfly lives in warm damp tropical areas. 
Diet: It eats leaves from Passion flowers and drinks the nectar.
Predators: Their predators are birds.

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