The producers (plants) are very important to the Amazon Rain forest. They are the primary consumer.  They need the sun to grow, which the Amazon has plenty of. They need  chlorophyll so they can be green. The glucose (the sugar) that is its food. The photosynthesis steps are that they absorbs the light and use the glucose which is  the sugar. They are eaten by herbivores and omnivores.

Name of Plant: Peach Palm

Description of Plant: This tree is 20 meters high with 8 meter long leaves. They also have 10 cm needles.
Uses of Plant (consumption/medicinal): The use of this tree is for food for people such as oil. The fruit from this tree is food for the animals. 

Name of Plant: Oenocarpus Bataune 

Description of Plant: This tree is 25 meters high and has 8 meter long leaves. It produces a yellow green oil.
Uses of Plant (consumption/medicinal): This tree is used for food for people and shelter for animals. 

Name of Plant: Orbignya Phalerata Martius 

Description of Plant: It needs to mature for about 15-20 years before it can produce any thing. Once it matures it produces oil, charcoal, and flour.
Uses of Plant (consumption/medicinal): It is used for food and shelter.
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